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Why Do Fans Want Artists to Make Money?

I enjoyed watching Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy a lot at the theater. It’s got a lot going for it — clever writing, interesting characters, some impressive CG (that technology has come a long way!), and more. One thing I … Continue reading

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Them and Us

Getting anywhere and doing anything of significance in this world requires cooperation, which implies the need for consensus and – to some degree or other – compromise. We don’t have to agree on everything in order to work together. I … Continue reading

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The invention of sharp knives starts with dull rocks

The invention of sharp knives starts with dull rocks. I often see rather absolutist (and in my view, very sheltered) opinions that appear to be making the fallacy that the tools which create a tool must themselves be of a … Continue reading

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Review: Cloud Atlas

So we saw¬†Cloud Atlas¬†last night. It was interesting on several levels. I found that the reincarnation aspect could be regarded as entirely figurative or completely literal depending on your preference. The movie instead focuses on stories with strong thematic unity. … Continue reading

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