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Economists and the ‘As If’ Argument

Really nice post from “Unlearning Economics”.  We should model our ideas of economics on the behavior of real humans, not ideal economically-rational automatons: Economists and the ‘As If’ Argument. I would add that, most of the time, when natural intelligence … Continue reading

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Why We Need Free-Software-Based Video Hosting

I was asked recently by a free-software / free-culture advocate why we don’t self-host our Lunatics videos using HTML5 on our site. The reason is technical and economic, and deserves a wider hearing. We need the advantages of a collective … Continue reading

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On the Signal Value of Paying for Digital Works

I didn’t think I would like this article by Chuck Wendig “Why I Hope You Won’t Pirate My Book”, but after reading, I find there’s actually a lot here I agree with. He’s not making one of those obnoxious pseudo-moralistic arguments … Continue reading

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