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Brief Review: Lucy

Just saw “Lucy”. Good film. European sensibilities about a lot of it, which is not surprising, I guess. But it was refreshing to watch something “not Hollywood”. The “science” was about 90% nonsense, which was a little hard to ignore, … Continue reading

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Movie: “Desk Set” (1957)

We watched “Desk Set” with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy last night. I’m pretty sure I had added this to my Netflix queue on a recommendation from a film director, although I’ve lost the source on that. It does look … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim – Kaiju + Mecha + LiveAction – done pretty much perfectly

Yesterday, I went to see Pacific Rim with my offspring (ages 10, 15, and 17). We’re pretty much all fans of anime and Japanese pop-cinema in general, so we’re pretty familiar with the “Giant Mecha” genre and the “Kaiju” genre. … Continue reading

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Why We Need Free-Software-Based Video Hosting

I was asked recently by a free-software / free-culture advocate why we don’t self-host our Lunatics videos using HTML5 on our site. The reason is technical and economic, and deserves a wider hearing. We need the advantages of a collective … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Piracy is Good for Sales

Still buying the moral panic over Internet piracy? Internet file-sharing “piracy” drives sales (i.e. it functions as advertising), according to a new study conducted by two business researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the Copenhagen Business School. This has always … Continue reading

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