Them and Us

Getting anywhere and doing anything of significance in this world requires cooperation, which implies the need for consensus and – to some degree or other – compromise. We don’t have to agree on everything in order to work together.

I really dislike the idea of creating categories of “them” and “us” and deciding that anyone who falls into the “them” category – or even socializes with them – is an “enemy” or that anyone who falls into the “us” category is necessarily always going to be a “friend”.

This tribal war attitude is fundamentally contrary to the needs of peace, and peace is fundamentally necessary to the progress of mankind.

We are complex creatures, and progress is found by a complex system of alliances and partial trust, however disconcerting that might be for the absolutist mindset.

Even if such a mindset comes naturally to your psychology, you owe it to yourself to overcome it and recognize that there is no “them”. There is only “us”. Broken, damaged, corrupted, or just plain wrong — still “us”.


And no, this isn’t apropos of any incident, nor is it all that new. It was just a waking thought.


About Terry Hancock

Terry Hancock is the producer and director of "Lunatics" ( ). He is also a regular columnist for Free Software Magazine ( ), and a lifelong advocate for space, science, and technology. More at
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